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Notes to Self

- I wish there was a better way to abbreviate ‘Follow-Up’ as a note in my appointment book.

- This one is an old thought, but no less valid for its consideration – if RuPaul, Iman, and Grace Jones were ever put into a cage deathmatch, reality would most likely explode when forced to decide which one survives.

- I find it ironic that the students that begin appointments by saying, “I’m sorry, I’m probably just wasting your time, I’m just completely new at this” tend to be the most approachable, helpful, and receptive to help.

- One of my dragonboating teammates has suggested a costume theme of 300 for our competition next month. While I pointed out to him that the lifejackets might be a little clashing to the costumes and there would be no way we could maintain unisex uniforms, it would certainly make our friendly rivalry with the university team all that more interesting. Then he suggested boat-jousting with pool noodles.

- Nothing ends a day better than having two appointments in a row where I can make a perfectly balanced full-time schedule for the upcoming year, and the students like me.

- When you see up to ten students a day for two months straight, you come to realize that your own anecdotal post-secondary experiences really never do get old. Then again, I’ve had all of one person point out the books of Ogden Nash poetry on my shelves. Hm.

All in all and weather aside, this was a pretty good day.
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