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No picture of the day today. Instead, I come bearing this:

The only words that come to mind are a rather geekily enthusiastic 'Hells yeaaaaaah!'

Complete with accompanying hand gestures.

And... okay, maybe 'Opening weekend, motherfucker', too.

There are crazy, crazy and scary things happening in the world. There are things that I have no control over, no power over, and sometimes all I am reduced to is hoping that things work out favorably for all. It makes me feel very small.

Which is why I like the escapism of these genres... and even though I've never lived in a place where I could participate, or never had the money to go to a con, or have had to put priority in trying to make my own life function, I love seeing things like these movies and stories start spilling out and playfully blurring the borders of reality. I love the illusion of fantasy and its escapism, and I love it when the illusion gets pushed a little further... because it makes me believe that such wonder just might... just might be out there, just beyond my reach.

I might turn the corner tomorrow and see it with my own eyes, a bit of magic.

Sometime believing in the possibility of that magic makes the world less scary, less terrifying. Sometimes it makes the world feel bigger and you feel small, but only so you can realize just how much real wonderment is out there, waiting for you... and things might work out okay.
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