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Whoops. Days 42 and 43, posted out of order. First, day 42 - Caliban, from the WanderLand Correspondence series.

Put behind a cut for nudity... )

And Day 43 - Meet Elren. Elren is Lee's husband, an intense and studious man that in no way whatsoever gets along with Lee's wife.

Both mechanical pencil sketches on paper.
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Days 40 and 41 - brief scribbles of Lee and Cal.

Mechanical pencil, both. Some days are just scribble days. Most days are just scribble days.
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Day 27 - The return of Cal, sketch in progress. Technically, Cal isn't Cal here... he's still Matt Duff, code name Northstar. Currently glaring at one of his Paris teammates, and being a bit of an ass.

Sketch in progress, shall finish this tonight, I hope.
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Day 11 - Here we have Cal... or, more appropriately, Calice. If there's anything that Cal loves more than experimenting, it's play. Cal doesn't see people as people, so why would he see gender as anything definite?

Pencil and ink on paper. And goddamn it, if the powers that be really wanted me to get to sleep at a decent hour on the weekend, it would stop showing The Mummy Returns on the History Channel (ironic, I know) starting at 2:30 when I'm honestly only trying to stay awake long enough to doodle. Gnarr.
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Day 9 - Cal and Chris. If anyone could have a more messed-up acquaintance with Cal than any of the others (and lordy, there have been doozies), it would be Chris. Now, Chris is... well, he's older than he looks. Trying to describe he and Cal would take a while, and possibly comfort food.

And I'm tossing in a second drawing, though I didn't do that one today. I just wanted to throw in some more nudity. Naked people beyond the cut... )
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Day 8 - Caliban and Jerome. To call Jer a boyfriend would be inaccurate. To call Jer an acquaintance would be falling short. To call Jer complicated would be... well, Cal doesn't do complicated. Cal does, however, do 'educational'.

Jerome is educational.

Cut for adult things and nudity... )


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