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Done the pic!

Now if only random fireworks would stop scaring the bejeezus out of my cats. My two not-declawed cats. Not that I would ever actually even think of declawing them, but OW.
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For reasons that primarily sprout from a lush garden of 'no really, it's research for a possible future job', I've signed up for a Twitter account... yes, yes, even though I have previously stated that I would not. No, I'm not going to post it here, or any updates from there to here, either. If there's anyone out there that wouldn't mind a quiet, n00b-shaped follower, let me know.

I swear it's just for research purposes.

I also drew tonight. A patriotically-themed drawing.

Happy Canada Day, and goodnight.
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For someone who literally works best with his hands, Caliban is actually rather fond of chainsaws. They're just so useful, and easily purchased at any hardware store. They make special occasions all the more... memorable.

They're hell on dry-cleaning bills, though.

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Now that I have your attention... WanderLand is back to weekly updates, and I'm going to attempt busting my ass to get the rest of the pages, supplementals, posters, correspondences, and general shiny things up over the summer. Feedback and discussion is deeply appreciated and welcomed, both here and there.

Also, Cal is vaguely Scottish like mankind is vaguely African. He just likes leather, and... well, breeze.


Jul. 30th, 2008 06:28 am
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Late nights, brushpens, and messy ol' graphite. It's a lovely combo when you have EVERYONE ELSE'S ART on the brain and wanna try playing catchup. As a herald to the website, sorta:

"So... is it going to be the devil you know or the one you just haven't tried yet?"

Oh Cal. Never change.


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