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Okay, so I finally bit the bullet and reformatted my first computer last night. The good news is that I discovered the original OS was not Windows ME as I'd been told by the total incompetents at Staples when I'd asked them to do that for me, but Windows 98. It did install with no major hitches.

Then I went the second part of the plan and installed Windows 2000 on top of that. No apparent hitches, I've gots me a brand new computer.

That's where the good news ends.

See, before all this fiasco started, I had an HP 6635 with two hard drives in my possession (10 GB C: and 40 GB D:), Windows 2000 OS. When I installed Win98, I understood that the NTFS file format would give me troubles and I likely wouldn't be able to access my D: drive. I wasn't. No worries. I've got the lot backed up as it is.

Then I installed the Win2000, and now I seem to have FOUR hard drives: C:, D:, E:, and F:. C: and F: are 2 GB and seem to hold program files and the OS (both of them), E: is 10 GB and holds more program files, and D: is completely inaccessible.

I know I had to create a partition when I installed Win98, but I didn't touch my original D: drive to reformat it, and Win2000 is NTFS, so I was under the impression that it would be accessible. I have no real problem if the content of the hard drive is lost, but I would dearly like my full 50 GB of space back.

Any advice? Help?

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