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Once upon a time, I started to write a story with tattoos in it. Once upon a much more recent time, I started it from scratch.

Separately, once upon a time, I was introduced to the concept of artist trading cards.

Now the funny thing is, I stumbled upon this pre-packaged set of artist trading cards this afternoon, and aside from thinking 'hey, awesome', I also felt a very strong feeling of 'I AM SO OLD YOU KIDS GET OFF MY LAWN.' It was followed by an actual mental rant that went a little like 'When I was in art school, we had to cut our OWN artist trading cards from REALLY HARD and ROUGH RAG PAPER. With a BONE FOLDER. And then we were GRADED on them.'

I still feel weirdly rebellious when I do a drawing completely in mechanical pencil.

Completely aside from this, I was reminded today why I have a love-hate relationship with airfreshener thingies. For fuck's sake, I want a faint, pleasant hint of lavender in the air, not AXE a la Martha Stewart and a fine print requiring a breathing apparatus at a radius of six feet.
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Done the pic!

Now if only random fireworks would stop scaring the bejeezus out of my cats. My two not-declawed cats. Not that I would ever actually even think of declawing them, but OW.
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For reasons that primarily sprout from a lush garden of 'no really, it's research for a possible future job', I've signed up for a Twitter account... yes, yes, even though I have previously stated that I would not. No, I'm not going to post it here, or any updates from there to here, either. If there's anyone out there that wouldn't mind a quiet, n00b-shaped follower, let me know.

I swear it's just for research purposes.

I also drew tonight. A patriotically-themed drawing.

Happy Canada Day, and goodnight.
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Still alive. Still graduated. Still arting, bit by doodle by page by stroke by bit.

Tonight -

Krisareth. 4x6" canvas, acrylic. In progress.

Upcoming, dragonboat practice, dragonboat festival, hands falling off, maybe.

Considering research and planning for the future... more than I thought I'd be doing at this stage, but feels too good of a direction to stop lining the path in advance.

I love my girlfriend.

Also, I'm very glad that I live on the top of a slope of even a slight hill, though driving over the river today was somewhat terrifying.

Also to note, my brother and his wife are awesome on the account of getting me this as a souvenir from Cancun. Living awesome.
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So I’ve applied to graduate.

I need to book another appointment with an advisor to sign some forms (that I’ve never head about) in order for me to graduate with my double-major, but I’ve applied. By next month, tuition will be paid off.

After seven and a half years, I will be done.

Could someone tell my why the hell I’m spending time looking at what universities might offer an MFA program that interests me or might swing with what I’m not yet decided on but am thinking about doing… at some undefined point in the hopefully less indebted future?

Right now, the UBC Okanagan MFA in Creative Studies sounds shiny.


In other news, Art History From 1945-1970 midterm feels aced, Psych Methods and Stats sits at an A (with continuing doses of an instructor that looks like a Mythbuster, forwards xkcd strips to the class email list, and showed the first scene of Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead to illustrate the Gambler’s Fallacy), and Drawing requires that I recreate a portrait as done by one of the masters for Tuesday. I’m thinking Holbein, maybe. Or da Vinci (not the ‘recently discovered’ one, as my instructor has her own arguments against it). Or Escher.

Treated myself to a showing of Monty Python: Almost The Truth (The Lawyer’s Cut) last night. As someone who was raised on their LPs by my parents (to the point that we quote them at each other quite constantly), I was thoroughly entertained… but a little embarrassed to realize that I hadn’t known that the late Graham Chapman was gay. The whole troupe have always seemed kinda asexual to me, even as I knew some were married (some repeatedly). It’s somewhat like how I tend to forget that Terry Gilliam’s American. Perhaps it was the abundance of fluid character ambiguity they all rode. They’re all just so very bendy in every sense of the term.

Hallowe’en costume is all but done. Just need to wash and dry the deer bones and finagle some sort of method of attachment, as well as do laundry for the base layers and drop cloth. Photos will come.

Candy, bought (on a bit of an eyeball theme).

Pumpkins, not yet done.

House, needs cleaning.

Roommates, still awesome.

Cats, mildly deranged.

Vacation, one week countdown.


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