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Day 29 - Meet Pera. Lopsided and too late at night. Phooey. Must fine-tune.

Finished last night, just posting late. Working on other things right now, including Day 30, writing.
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Day 28 - Finished Cal last night, just posting late.

Also, check out WanderLand.ca for the full story so far.
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Day 27 - The return of Cal, sketch in progress. Technically, Cal isn't Cal here... he's still Matt Duff, code name Northstar. Currently glaring at one of his Paris teammates, and being a bit of an ass.

Sketch in progress, shall finish this tonight, I hope.
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Day 26 - Meet Master Kristofer. Shortly put, he is a librarian made of awesome. And a few other things, but mainly awesome.

Mechanical pencil on paper, doodlecoloured in Photoshop. Also, am I the only one who finds it hysterically funny that when AMC is showing Fight Club, of all things, the first commercial to rear its head is that 'Lord's Prayer crystal cross necklace' thing? Maybe I'm just too tired, but I think it's amusing.
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Day 26 - Meet a doodle.

Eh. Too late. Too tired. Must stop arting so late with markers.
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Day 24 - Zavareau by Firelight.

He is done 24"x36", acrylic on canvas.

If anyone has any recommendations on how to take photos of the stupidly shiny acrylic surface with a little itty bitty FinePix camera, I will be all ears. I might try taking outdoor photos tomorrow... but man, this is a pain to photo.
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In the spirit of today, I'm posting another video.

Hi Mom! Hi Dad!

I don't know how I'm having flashbacks to an even that happened when I was all of three, but I am. I remember holding a little white candle with a red plastic cup, alight with my own little flame. I remember Heidi and Howdy. I remember the white hats. I remember watching news coverage from my grandmother's condo. I remember cheering with my parents, and the extended family, and I remember not quite understanding all the details, but feeling the glee all the same.

In the years that followed, I remember wanting, so much, to dress up in my mom's pink dancing parka, and her black boots... and I remember watching video and coverage, trying to pick out my parents in that dancing crowd.

I love the two-step.
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Day 22 - Meet Asa. Also, meet my first attempt, ever, at completing a drawing completely digitally... on this nice, new, tablet-friendly computer.

Asa is Lee's wife. Asa adores Lee... but can't stand Lee's husband. It makes for very awkward family reunions.
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Day 21 - Lee again. An attempt at drawing something slightly more full-body androgynous.

... and a reminder that I am never trying to draw anything shoujo-manga style EVER AGAIN. NOte to self, stick to your own.
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Day 20 - No title, just progress. A bit of a doodle, because I am far, far too tired right now.

After just about two months, I have a desktop again, and one with both shiny toys and the space to play with them in. Hello experimenting with Photoshop and properly-functioning tablet drivers... and hellopleasesleeprightnow.
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Day 20 - Meet Lee... round 1, anyway. Lee's a possible new character for something completely new.

Mechanical pencil on paper. Yes, finally have a new computer... just don't have it hooked up to the internet quite yet. Working on it.
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My Monday has been... well, a Monday. But a good one. Let me show you my current mood by matter of interpretive YouTube-linking.

I am currently rocking out in the empty staff den to this. And... dude, I usually hate rap.
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Day 19 - Meet Little Girl.

Mechanical pencil on paper, and I am way, way too tired right now.
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Y'know you're Canadian when your main network gets into the Olympic spirit by showing Cool Runnings... and then Slap Shot. Uncut.

Olympics start next week, folks.
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Day 17 - Sculpting! To begin, take a My Little Pony (the mini kind with a mane and a solid plastic chunk of a tail). Behead. De-hair. Remove ears and front feet. Apply liberal helpings of Sculpey... and poke like crazy.

Work in progress. Needs a pearl, maybe.
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Day 16 - More progress on Zavareau. This evening, more work on the highlights of the teeth, added the rest of his neck spines.

I really, really want to finish this... but that means having to take a decent photo without the glare from my room's lights. This could be tricky.
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Day 15 - Meet... another random dragon. Call him Lung. Makes me think of tattoo design again.

Pencil and ink on paper. Drawn during a combination of George Stroumboulopoulos and Jon Stewart. Those two seriously need to be in the same room at some point. The awesome would write itself.
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Day 14 - Meet Grue. No, not a character. Grue is one of my cats, ironically the snugglier one.

Mechanical pencil on paper. And then he moved. Jerk.
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Day 13 - Meet... a random dragon, I suppose. Didn't post it when I drew it last night because I was just too dang tired to relocate my laptop and turn on the scanner.

Pencil and ink on paper. I suppose this guy looks a little like one of my other dragons... maybe the stubby little offspring of 'im. I like his teeth.
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Day 12 - Meet Prometheus. She'll show up in WanderLand at some point, and hooboy, she will not be happy when she does.

Yes, she sleeps in that. Those are her pyjamas. Sends an impression, doesn't it?

In other news, I've cracked open a new account at DeviantArt, and you can find most of my things under UrbanAmazon. The more adult things will be staying here, but all sorts of goodies, plus some prints, will be available through there. Enjoy, snoop around, and bug me.


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