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Done the pic!

Now if only random fireworks would stop scaring the bejeezus out of my cats. My two not-declawed cats. Not that I would ever actually even think of declawing them, but OW.
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For reasons that primarily sprout from a lush garden of 'no really, it's research for a possible future job', I've signed up for a Twitter account... yes, yes, even though I have previously stated that I would not. No, I'm not going to post it here, or any updates from there to here, either. If there's anyone out there that wouldn't mind a quiet, n00b-shaped follower, let me know.

I swear it's just for research purposes.

I also drew tonight. A patriotically-themed drawing.

Happy Canada Day, and goodnight.
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Whoops. Days 42 and 43, posted out of order. First, day 42 - Caliban, from the WanderLand Correspondence series.

Put behind a cut for nudity... )

And Day 43 - Meet Elren. Elren is Lee's husband, an intense and studious man that in no way whatsoever gets along with Lee's wife.

Both mechanical pencil sketches on paper.
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Days 40 and 41 - brief scribbles of Lee and Cal.

Mechanical pencil, both. Some days are just scribble days. Most days are just scribble days.
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Days 34 and 35 - First, the dolphinbat. Don't ask. Some days are just... some days.

I think I'll revisit this guy when I'm not so horrifically tired.

And David, completed. For the story behind this expression, check out WanderLand, in the Correspondence section.

Watercolour and a bit of ink.
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Day 33 - David WIP. Drawn, then inked, then watercoloured... still working on it.

Consider it a preview for Thursday, those of you following WanderLand.
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Day 28 - Finished Cal last night, just posting late.

Also, check out WanderLand.ca for the full story so far.
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Day 27 - The return of Cal, sketch in progress. Technically, Cal isn't Cal here... he's still Matt Duff, code name Northstar. Currently glaring at one of his Paris teammates, and being a bit of an ass.

Sketch in progress, shall finish this tonight, I hope.
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Day 12 - Meet Prometheus. She'll show up in WanderLand at some point, and hooboy, she will not be happy when she does.

Yes, she sleeps in that. Those are her pyjamas. Sends an impression, doesn't it?

In other news, I've cracked open a new account at DeviantArt, and you can find most of my things under UrbanAmazon. The more adult things will be staying here, but all sorts of goodies, plus some prints, will be available through there. Enjoy, snoop around, and bug me.
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Day 11 - Here we have Cal... or, more appropriately, Calice. If there's anything that Cal loves more than experimenting, it's play. Cal doesn't see people as people, so why would he see gender as anything definite?

Pencil and ink on paper. And goddamn it, if the powers that be really wanted me to get to sleep at a decent hour on the weekend, it would stop showing The Mummy Returns on the History Channel (ironic, I know) starting at 2:30 when I'm honestly only trying to stay awake long enough to doodle. Gnarr.
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Day 9 - Cal and Chris. If anyone could have a more messed-up acquaintance with Cal than any of the others (and lordy, there have been doozies), it would be Chris. Now, Chris is... well, he's older than he looks. Trying to describe he and Cal would take a while, and possibly comfort food.

And I'm tossing in a second drawing, though I didn't do that one today. I just wanted to throw in some more nudity. Naked people beyond the cut... )
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Day 8 - Caliban and Jerome. To call Jer a boyfriend would be inaccurate. To call Jer an acquaintance would be falling short. To call Jer complicated would be... well, Cal doesn't do complicated. Cal does, however, do 'educational'.

Jerome is educational.

Cut for adult things and nudity... )
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Day 3 - Cal. Normally, Cal likes his hair long. It's a matter of appearing immediately different, immediately not-normal. He has, however, shown a bit of a habit of cutting his hair after having a really, really shitty day. And I mean really shitty.

Mechanical pencil on paper. Swing by WanderLand for more. The webcomic is currently on pause for reasons of kaput computers and art methods, but will return.
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For someone who literally works best with his hands, Caliban is actually rather fond of chainsaws. They're just so useful, and easily purchased at any hardware store. They make special occasions all the more... memorable.

They're hell on dry-cleaning bills, though.

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Now that I have your attention... WanderLand is back to weekly updates, and I'm going to attempt busting my ass to get the rest of the pages, supplementals, posters, correspondences, and general shiny things up over the summer. Feedback and discussion is deeply appreciated and welcomed, both here and there.

Also, Cal is vaguely Scottish like mankind is vaguely African. He just likes leather, and... well, breeze.
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For those of you that have tolerated my gibbering and whining of recent months in all things webcomic, your thinned patience is about to be rewarded... I hope.

As of ten minutes ago, WanderLand is open and running, with the cover and first five pages available for online viewing. Updates of one page will be made Thursday nights/Friday mornings, time zones and sanity allowing.

I won't overpimp this here, now that it's open, and it has its own community for discussion and updates here on LiveJournal: [livejournal.com profile] wanderland_comm. Join, watch, read, comment, discuss... feel free.

... and now that that's done, I have to go back to gibbering like a sugared child as I get ready for work. eeeeeeeeeeeee!


Jul. 30th, 2008 06:28 am
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Late nights, brushpens, and messy ol' graphite. It's a lovely combo when you have EVERYONE ELSE'S ART on the brain and wanna try playing catchup. As a herald to the website, sorta:

"So... is it going to be the devil you know or the one you just haven't tried yet?"

Oh Cal. Never change.


Apr. 26th, 2008 11:14 pm
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