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To my dear Yuletide Secret Santa,

My deepest apologies for not posting this sooner. I have had a harried time RL, though that is still inconsiderate of me for the huge favour you're doing for me this year. I do hope this helps out if you need it.

I'm an easy-to please person, I hope. My squicks are few. I'm satisfied that anyone would take the time to tickle my weird and lovely fancies. No preference among them, just whatever you choose. As to the requests in particular...

1. I like the opinions of inhuman things. I like the rationale of things that people tend to forget about or not have explained. That part of the movie wasn't ever really explained, and these kinds of things are what fanfiction is made for. I'm not expecting any particular answer... I have faith in curiosity.

2. If this is the one that caught your drift, I'm not asking for slash. It can be there if you want, but I have no thundering request of it. There's a lack of exploration of friendship in fanfiction of this sort. I'm hoping for... an ordinary moment? Something beautiful in an ordinary moment.

3. If you're of the braver or devious sort, I think this one would be the most like a challenge. If you want to tackle this fandom, I will willingly confess... the darker, the better. The more twisted, the better. Sexual, cerebral, anything. I'll only meekly request to avoid outright non-con or anything shota-like. All else is fair (or unfair) game.

4. I've had to explain just what this show is to so many people it hurts my poor little head. I miss it terribly. Hex is just such a beautiful villain. I've always thought of her like the Joker from Batman: functionally insane and brutally competent. Her perspective might be like... poetry, maybe. I don't know if she's dark, if she's innocent, if it's all just a fearless game.

Ack, I suck horribly at letters. I do hope this helps you, and I wish you bunnies and bunnies of writing just as I'm hoping for my own. Thank you upon thank yous for indulging me this year, and I hope that your own gift (or gifts) will be just as wonderful.

In anticipation,


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