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Done the pic!

Now if only random fireworks would stop scaring the bejeezus out of my cats. My two not-declawed cats. Not that I would ever actually even think of declawing them, but OW.
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For reasons that primarily sprout from a lush garden of 'no really, it's research for a possible future job', I've signed up for a Twitter account... yes, yes, even though I have previously stated that I would not. No, I'm not going to post it here, or any updates from there to here, either. If there's anyone out there that wouldn't mind a quiet, n00b-shaped follower, let me know.

I swear it's just for research purposes.

I also drew tonight. A patriotically-themed drawing.

Happy Canada Day, and goodnight.
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Whoops. Days 42 and 43, posted out of order. First, day 42 - Caliban, from the WanderLand Correspondence series.

Put behind a cut for nudity... )

And Day 43 - Meet Elren. Elren is Lee's husband, an intense and studious man that in no way whatsoever gets along with Lee's wife.

Both mechanical pencil sketches on paper.
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Day 44 - Master Kristofer... and friend. 'nother scribble to accompany a mental image of sorts.

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Days 40 and 41 - brief scribbles of Lee and Cal.

Mechanical pencil, both. Some days are just scribble days. Most days are just scribble days.
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Day 39 - Lee, again. Looking a bit more... well, consistently human. I think I've found a workable visual reference for androgyny. Lee looks like... looks like Lee now.

Pencil sketch in sketchbook. Now I just need to draw Lee's husband, wife, harem, advocate, guard, librarian's assistant, friend, relatives....
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Days 37 and 38 - Meet Reefe. I had this old, old sketch, from years ago... and now that I have paint and canvases again, I think Reefe would be a good creature to bring to colour.

Pencil and acrylic on canvas, so far. Just getting the shadows in.
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Days 34 and 35 - First, the dolphinbat. Don't ask. Some days are just... some days.

I think I'll revisit this guy when I'm not so horrifically tired.

And David, completed. For the story behind this expression, check out WanderLand, in the Correspondence section.

Watercolour and a bit of ink.
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Day 33 - David WIP. Drawn, then inked, then watercoloured... still working on it.

Consider it a preview for Thursday, those of you following WanderLand.
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Day 31 and 32 - My first drabble into fanart with this series, and another exploration into that shoujo idea.

Castiel, from Supernatural, scribbled from an episode still. I am so very fond of my snarky holy tax accountant. Kinda crooked head, accidentally.

Lee again, my main from that shoujo idea, Dragon in the Library. Kinda big head, accidentally.

Both done in mechanical pencil in my sketchbook.
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Day 29 - Meet Pera. Lopsided and too late at night. Phooey. Must fine-tune.

Finished last night, just posting late. Working on other things right now, including Day 30, writing.
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Day 28 - Finished Cal last night, just posting late.

Also, check out WanderLand.ca for the full story so far.
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Day 27 - The return of Cal, sketch in progress. Technically, Cal isn't Cal here... he's still Matt Duff, code name Northstar. Currently glaring at one of his Paris teammates, and being a bit of an ass.

Sketch in progress, shall finish this tonight, I hope.
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Day 26 - Meet Master Kristofer. Shortly put, he is a librarian made of awesome. And a few other things, but mainly awesome.

Mechanical pencil on paper, doodlecoloured in Photoshop. Also, am I the only one who finds it hysterically funny that when AMC is showing Fight Club, of all things, the first commercial to rear its head is that 'Lord's Prayer crystal cross necklace' thing? Maybe I'm just too tired, but I think it's amusing.
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Day 26 - Meet a doodle.

Eh. Too late. Too tired. Must stop arting so late with markers.
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Day 24 - Zavareau by Firelight.

He is done 24"x36", acrylic on canvas.

If anyone has any recommendations on how to take photos of the stupidly shiny acrylic surface with a little itty bitty FinePix camera, I will be all ears. I might try taking outdoor photos tomorrow... but man, this is a pain to photo.
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Day 22 - Meet Asa. Also, meet my first attempt, ever, at completing a drawing completely digitally... on this nice, new, tablet-friendly computer.

Asa is Lee's wife. Asa adores Lee... but can't stand Lee's husband. It makes for very awkward family reunions.
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Day 21 - Lee again. An attempt at drawing something slightly more full-body androgynous.

... and a reminder that I am never trying to draw anything shoujo-manga style EVER AGAIN. NOte to self, stick to your own.
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Day 20 - No title, just progress. A bit of a doodle, because I am far, far too tired right now.

After just about two months, I have a desktop again, and one with both shiny toys and the space to play with them in. Hello experimenting with Photoshop and properly-functioning tablet drivers... and hellopleasesleeprightnow.
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Day 20 - Meet Lee... round 1, anyway. Lee's a possible new character for something completely new.

Mechanical pencil on paper. Yes, finally have a new computer... just don't have it hooked up to the internet quite yet. Working on it.


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