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Touch II

i have no silk to offer you,
nor satin thread, nor lace,
nor gossamer so fair and fine
to veil this homely face

i have no linen, fleece, nor wool,
nor velvet’s soft conceit-
these are but strands of dirty gold
i bow to brush your feet

a shyer life has left it shorn-
no trinkets decorate-
it bears no curl and no perfume-
so plain, so dull, so straight

yet here I kneel and here I dream,
composing to confess-
i bow my head that I might know
the bliss of one caress

but touch your fingers to my brow
and let them sweep my ear,
but smooth my hair from crown to nape
and still a moment there

but soothe the tangles of the day
my worries, pacify,
but grace me with your human touch
and leave me hypnotized

but leave me happy, leave me loved
and let me smile your name,
but run your fingers through my hair
and I would do the same

i have no silk to offer you
nor satin do I hold,
but let me feel your fingertips
and I shall give this gold
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Sonnet Found in an Old Woman’s Hand

Come back to me, oh faun
Bring back your tales of earth and night
To sing awake the dawn
To charm the flowers blooming bright
Bring, too, the smell of mountains
Unencumbered by clumsy books
Fairy rings, enchanted fountains
Undying if only I could look

For days when things were certain
Are dying by the drying brook
Where I would dream upon your knee
That I could burn that curtain
Of growing old, that cruellest hook-
I pray, oh faun, do not forget me

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Of the Shy Poet

I would not call myself beautiful.
I am too shy, I do not have the voice
That could meet a mirror’s truth
With confidence. What I will see,
Always, is a body too unique
To fit the mould of that word.

I look, seen, and ‘tall’ is the word
That will pre-empt the tag of ‘beautiful’.
I speak, and that sing-song, flutey voice
That I dread to hear is another truth,
Another prejudice met when people see
Me blond. Silent, I might be unique.

And the things that make a body unique
Are not always kind. ‘Scar’ is a word
That banes me. Pocks are not beautiful,
Nor is clumsiness, and with the voice
Of knees and elbows, skin tells only truth
For waiting mirrors and eyes to see.

And oh, the list of flaws my harsh eyes see!
A nose like not enough putty, more bland than unique,
A mouth too big, lips smothering whatever word
I now squeak, a profile flat and pudgy in a beautiful
Clump on too much neck, smothering my voice
To shy murmuring. Harsh eyes find harsh truth.

But do you think me hurt by harsh truth?
I do not seek to make flaws where I do not see
Any already at home. I know that ‘unique’
Dignifies, deifies, and demonizes in a word.
My eyes will not find me beautiful
And quietly, I let my hands take up a voice.

In the scratch of pencil, I give my voice
To another, and another. In truth,
This is more valuable, to let others see
What I see beneath. This is more unique,
For you cannot hold a mirror to a word
Or an idea. It can only be beautiful.

Pray, find 'beautiful' – though not in the voice
Of a physical truth. Aspire, instead, to see
Through a flawed body unique, my offering of words.

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What honest heart would think this sight a sin?
Of two shades, of two voices, of one faith-
Planes of lustful muscle, and of lamp-lit skin.

Hard, soft eyes, the unflick’ring fire within,
The salt of air and sweat and breath-
What honest heart would think this sight a sin?

Shadows poured in curving flanks and thin
Sheets, like veils, like shrouds to this little death-
Planes of lustful muscle, and of lamp-lit skin.

What fears, or flaws, or wounds that might have been
A scar; here, a smile to smooth and taste it with-
What honest heart would think this sight a sin?

Calloused hands, knowing hands, and sure, begin
Their worship, sculpting one intimate myth-
Planes of lustful muscle, and of lamp-lit skin.

Mouth-tawnied, flesh-tousled, strangers temporarily twin,
In this event of pleasure and of health.
What honest heart would think this sight a sin-
Planes of lustful muscle, and of lamp-lit skin?



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