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No picture of the day today. Instead, I come bearing this:

The only words that come to mind are a rather geekily enthusiastic 'Hells yeaaaaaah!'

Complete with accompanying hand gestures.

And... okay, maybe 'Opening weekend, motherfucker', too.

There are crazy, crazy and scary things happening in the world. There are things that I have no control over, no power over, and sometimes all I am reduced to is hoping that things work out favorably for all. It makes me feel very small.

Which is why I like the escapism of these genres... and even though I've never lived in a place where I could participate, or never had the money to go to a con, or have had to put priority in trying to make my own life function, I love seeing things like these movies and stories start spilling out and playfully blurring the borders of reality. I love the illusion of fantasy and its escapism, and I love it when the illusion gets pushed a little further... because it makes me believe that such wonder just might... just might be out there, just beyond my reach.

I might turn the corner tomorrow and see it with my own eyes, a bit of magic.

Sometime believing in the possibility of that magic makes the world less scary, less terrifying. Sometimes it makes the world feel bigger and you feel small, but only so you can realize just how much real wonderment is out there, waiting for you... and things might work out okay.
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Once upon a time, I started to write a story with tattoos in it. Once upon a much more recent time, I started it from scratch.

Separately, once upon a time, I was introduced to the concept of artist trading cards.

Now the funny thing is, I stumbled upon this pre-packaged set of artist trading cards this afternoon, and aside from thinking 'hey, awesome', I also felt a very strong feeling of 'I AM SO OLD YOU KIDS GET OFF MY LAWN.' It was followed by an actual mental rant that went a little like 'When I was in art school, we had to cut our OWN artist trading cards from REALLY HARD and ROUGH RAG PAPER. With a BONE FOLDER. And then we were GRADED on them.'

I still feel weirdly rebellious when I do a drawing completely in mechanical pencil.

Completely aside from this, I was reminded today why I have a love-hate relationship with airfreshener thingies. For fuck's sake, I want a faint, pleasant hint of lavender in the air, not AXE a la Martha Stewart and a fine print requiring a breathing apparatus at a radius of six feet.
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Done the pic!

Now if only random fireworks would stop scaring the bejeezus out of my cats. My two not-declawed cats. Not that I would ever actually even think of declawing them, but OW.
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For reasons that primarily sprout from a lush garden of 'no really, it's research for a possible future job', I've signed up for a Twitter account... yes, yes, even though I have previously stated that I would not. No, I'm not going to post it here, or any updates from there to here, either. If there's anyone out there that wouldn't mind a quiet, n00b-shaped follower, let me know.

I swear it's just for research purposes.

I also drew tonight. A patriotically-themed drawing.

Happy Canada Day, and goodnight.
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Still alive. Still graduated. Still arting, bit by doodle by page by stroke by bit.

Tonight -

Krisareth. 4x6" canvas, acrylic. In progress.

Upcoming, dragonboat practice, dragonboat festival, hands falling off, maybe.

Considering research and planning for the future... more than I thought I'd be doing at this stage, but feels too good of a direction to stop lining the path in advance.

I love my girlfriend.

Also, I'm very glad that I live on the top of a slope of even a slight hill, though driving over the river today was somewhat terrifying.

Also to note, my brother and his wife are awesome on the account of getting me this as a souvenir from Cancun. Living awesome.
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Also, the smack of a gavel decreed it earlier this evening. The Athenian Square Table Group is no more. I'm now a member of the New Athenian Knights Eccentric Discourse Group.

Yes, I helped with the name. I'm also in charge of putting a badge together, and the coffee house baristas that put up with us are honorary members.
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Notes to Self

- I wish there was a better way to abbreviate ‘Follow-Up’ as a note in my appointment book.

- This one is an old thought, but no less valid for its consideration – if RuPaul, Iman, and Grace Jones were ever put into a cage deathmatch, reality would most likely explode when forced to decide which one survives.

- I find it ironic that the students that begin appointments by saying, “I’m sorry, I’m probably just wasting your time, I’m just completely new at this” tend to be the most approachable, helpful, and receptive to help.

- One of my dragonboating teammates has suggested a costume theme of 300 for our competition next month. While I pointed out to him that the lifejackets might be a little clashing to the costumes and there would be no way we could maintain unisex uniforms, it would certainly make our friendly rivalry with the university team all that more interesting. Then he suggested boat-jousting with pool noodles.

- Nothing ends a day better than having two appointments in a row where I can make a perfectly balanced full-time schedule for the upcoming year, and the students like me.

- When you see up to ten students a day for two months straight, you come to realize that your own anecdotal post-secondary experiences really never do get old. Then again, I’ve had all of one person point out the books of Ogden Nash poetry on my shelves. Hm.

All in all and weather aside, this was a pretty good day.
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See, I only speak one language. I can swear in a few others, but I know that doesn't quite count. My French classes ended in sixth grade, and my Japanese is severely in need of review.

I stumbled upon this as I settled down after work, and I am fascinated. I don't have any familiarity with the opera of Carmen, save being able to recognize some of the more well-known melodies, and even less familiarity with Xhosa, but it's very well done.

.... and we just got to the first murder of the story, and wow. The entire thing took a slamming turn to the left, in colour palette and in tone, and this is really well done.

Plus, opera sung in Xhosa is stunningly interesting to the ear.

There's something I enjoy very much about seeing stories, operas, and plays being presented in new situations, times, and contexts. I'm trying to put it into words as to why, and I'm having a hell of a time. Stories that survive the transformation of generations, the shift of placement, language, and appearance... those that are re-told are usually done so for a reason.
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I have just returned from my weekly (as of the last three weeks but not including last week as I was snowed in) meeting of the Athenian Square Table group. Wednesdays are our unofficial coffee nights, a time when we commandeer a collection of square tables at a local coffee house and talk about any particular number of things that might cross our minds.

In no particular order, this evening's subjects included porn, Rule 34 (the drinking game), explaining Teabonics (and, by extension, teabagging), what one might do with $500 of yogurt, World of Warcraft and its application to arguments of racism and sociology, songs to get stuck in your head (I contributed Stephen's Exhibition), tattoos, conventions, Star Trek and the origins of Trekkies (which included the story of William Shatner standing at a pay phone in the city's central park as he hadn't been updated on the convention date change), how to realistically recreate a necrophiliac sex doll, repression, drama students, the significance of political landmarks in regards to prostitution, glasses, Bollywood movies, child-rearing, sex education, cultural differences between Malaysia and Canada, what to put in sleeves, Twilight being a girl's dilemma between choosing bestiality or necrophilia (and utter lack of foresight in seeing the range of her alternatives), man-purses, and how we were somehow not yet ejected from the aforementioned coffee house.

And then, as we meandered out into the street to go to our respective vehicles and depart to respective homes, my brother and his wife drove by and handed me a plate of chocolate and grape icing cookies.

I swear, not a word of a lie. Little puffy chocolate cake sandwich cookies with grape icing in the middle.

It was an interesting night.
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Note to self:

Stop looking at MA programs on schoolfinder.com. Stop. Just stop. You are focusing on your job and lessening your debts. You are not, I repeat, NOT planning to sign up for any MA program for at least three more years. We agreed on this. We were in perfect, logical agreeance. We haven’t even attended the fucking convocation ceremony yet.

No, we do not care that Brock University in Niagara has an MA in Popular Culture, with a class specifically focusing on the image of the human being in comic books, referencing the works of Alan Moore, Garth Ennis, and Frank Miller. No. Put it down. Close the tab. Close the tab. Close the t-… there you go.

We are not moving to Niagara. We are not applying to this program for 2010-11. No, not even part time. We’re not. Period.

Okay, I can allow us writing it down on a post-it note just so we don’t forget.

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How to tell What Kind of a Day I'm Having, as Accompanied By Music

All American Rejects - Move Along.

Danny Elfman - Wanted Soundtrack - Success Montage.
... this could be better, if I was advising people on how to be ASSASSINS, maybe.

Hans Zimmer - King Arthur Soundtrack - Remember My Face.
... yeah, that in no way sounds utterly foreboding and depressing. At all. Just give me my damn pudding cup.

Monty Python and the Quest for the Holy Grail - Tim the Enchanter (Yes, this is on my iPod).
... you know, why the hell not. I should just burst into a rendition of 'Find Your Grail' at some random point. It's relevant, right?

Scrubs the Musical - Guy Love.
... fuckit. Bring on the porn. Please. Someone. It's a substitute, I know, but it's a delicious, snuggly kind of substitute. With nudity.
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Note to self:


Stop watching the Tron Legacy trailers over and over on your iPod. Please. Stop. I mean, for pete’s sake, we only saw the first one last week. Seriously, stop. I don’t care that we are total and utter suckers for awesome special effects, and death-by-bass soundtracks/trailer music, and yes, Jeff Bridges is made of awesome . Fine. It’s beyond shiny. Now put it down. Put it down. Stop watching them. Stop. Sto-… you’re not even listening to me, are you?

No. No. Cut it out. No puppy eyes. We’re a grown woman. No puppy eyes. Stop that. No. We’re a professional goddamned adult with a mortgage, a job, taxes, responsibilities... we-we’ve got… we’re….

… okay, fine. One more time. Just one.

Yeah, I hope it has Bit in it, too.

Okay, are we done? We’re done. Put it down now. See? That wasn’t s-OH MY GOD DAFT PUNK IS COMPOSING THE SOUNDTRACK. WHAT. KIDDING. GIVE IT BACK. MUST. PLEASE. WANT. PLEASE.


In other news, I am back from my vacation. I was treated to many, many movies and TV series that were of shining entertainment quality (one of which should be obvious), fantastic food, and the best of company. I miss it already, and dearly so. I was sick with something evil that targeted my sinuses for most of the time, and it was still lovely and relaxing in ways that three legs of flying in either direction could not dampen. I love my girlfriend, and as for meeting her parents….

… let me just say that I was scolded into eating my dinner before it got cold as I was talking with them so damn much. Repeatedly. This is a good thing.

I’ve been arting/writing regularly for nearly three months. I’ve been falling behind on posting it all to [livejournal.com profile] virtuallykinked mainly because I was on vacation and prefer to scan things instead of photograph them… but I have witnesses, it is being done. I have ideas for paintings and projects and all sorts of customized My Little Pony delights (side note, look into black-light or glow-in-the-dark paint, as that is an idea that could be freaking cool and sellable)....

… and, well, I sorta haven’t unpacked yet, or even cleared off my bed enough to sleep on it. Just because.

Work is still good, and still in training for the most part. This is a job where each appointment could bring wildly varying situations or problems… and I think that I’ve set my bar in that I’m waiting for someone to come into my office and state that they want to go to school to become a Mythbuster. One of my coworkers has his bar set at someone wanting to be a ghost hunter or cryptozoologist. See, the crazy thing is, I think I already know what direction to send them in for that.

I found out a few weeks ago that there is a Dr. Sketchy’s chapter set up here, and there is a session running this Friday night for $15. I think I may have to attend.

Further note to self, must make a list of all the aforementioned movies/shows… just to keep some kind of running record or tally.

Come on, brain. Back to work.


Further note to self, re: Chaos Ink.

Take a page from Mythbusters, as it were… Mythbusters and Superman. What is in a (normal) tattoo that could react positively or negatively to a change in environment/world? Metal? Magnetic fields? Like metal in a microwave, or oil/minerals in water. Scrub the world is it is now, consider Amy on her own.
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Whoops. Days 42 and 43, posted out of order. First, day 42 - Caliban, from the WanderLand Correspondence series.

Put behind a cut for nudity... )

And Day 43 - Meet Elren. Elren is Lee's husband, an intense and studious man that in no way whatsoever gets along with Lee's wife.

Both mechanical pencil sketches on paper.
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Day 44 - Master Kristofer... and friend. 'nother scribble to accompany a mental image of sorts.

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Days 40 and 41 - brief scribbles of Lee and Cal.

Mechanical pencil, both. Some days are just scribble days. Most days are just scribble days.
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Day 39 - Lee, again. Looking a bit more... well, consistently human. I think I've found a workable visual reference for androgyny. Lee looks like... looks like Lee now.

Pencil sketch in sketchbook. Now I just need to draw Lee's husband, wife, harem, advocate, guard, librarian's assistant, friend, relatives....
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Days 37 and 38 - Meet Reefe. I had this old, old sketch, from years ago... and now that I have paint and canvases again, I think Reefe would be a good creature to bring to colour.

Pencil and acrylic on canvas, so far. Just getting the shadows in.
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Days 34 and 35 - First, the dolphinbat. Don't ask. Some days are just... some days.

I think I'll revisit this guy when I'm not so horrifically tired.

And David, completed. For the story behind this expression, check out WanderLand, in the Correspondence section.

Watercolour and a bit of ink.
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Day 33 - David WIP. Drawn, then inked, then watercoloured... still working on it.

Consider it a preview for Thursday, those of you following WanderLand.
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Day 31 and 32 - My first drabble into fanart with this series, and another exploration into that shoujo idea.

Castiel, from Supernatural, scribbled from an episode still. I am so very fond of my snarky holy tax accountant. Kinda crooked head, accidentally.

Lee again, my main from that shoujo idea, Dragon in the Library. Kinda big head, accidentally.

Both done in mechanical pencil in my sketchbook.


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