Aug. 28th, 2008 10:35 am
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In the spirit of this being Thursday, and of Thursday in general for me tends to lick enough goats to get hatemail from PETA, I’m going to inflict things on the few people that might meander out of their way and across mine. I’m not going to rant about how I’m fucking sick of being told ‘Oh well, I guess that just means it wasn’t the right house for is’ when it feels more like a cruel déjà vu of bait and switch. I’m not going to bitch and moan about how I’m getting less sleep and starting full time classes next week while keeping as close to full time work hours as physics allows for another two weeks, minimum. I’m going to zip my lip about how I would kick a nun for a decent or indecent backrub.

See icon.

Instead, I’m going to attempt to be positive. It’s New Page Day. There are things to be happy about, and if anything is going to cheer me up by midnight, it’s going to be New Page Day.

We’re going to play Let’s Name Sarah’s Therapy Music! It’s simple. I’m going to link to a selection of YouTube videos of songs that I’m playing in attempts to make it through the day without screaming or quacking. I’m not going to be able to have a lunch break today, as I’m using the time to drive back home, let out the puppies and feed them as my parents are driving to my mom’s cousin’s funeral, and then drive back… so I assure you, I’m going to be listening to therapy music quite a bit today.

Here’s your selections!
a) Backstreet Boys – Everybody (Backstreet’s Back)
b) Apocalyptica – Hope vol. 2 (feat. Matze Sayer)
c) Swirl 360 – Hey Now Now
d) ReBoot – Season 3 Recap Musical
e) All of the above

Winners may or may not get a pony. Or Skittles. Or enlightenment. That’s Thursday for you.


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