Jun. 13th, 2007 03:01 pm
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Apparently I picked the wrong day to sleep in on. Maybe I should start leaving my blind open at night so I can get the big glaring sunrise in my face sometime around six.

Crawled out of bed a little after nine, encountered Dad home from the night shift, grabbed some of last night's pizza for work, and ended sitting down to watch, of all things, Ghost Rider as he went to bed. Honestly, not all that impressed with it, especially when the signal started going kinda weird at the end. It didn't even bother waiting to see if it improved, and I'm not about to open up the remote in an attempt to fiddle with the satellite settings.

The radio's acting weird, too. It was getting reception just fine last night, and usually keeps it so long as we keep the fridge door closed, but it's been nothing but static. Weird. Ahwell. Mom's the only one that listens to it, most of the time. The internet's working, and that's all that matters.

Just checked the TV again, and the satellite's got no signal now, not on any channel, just black with cheery red letters. There's always peasantvision in Jeff's room if I really feel the need, but I'll just tell Dad about it when he gets up. Yet another chore, I guess. I think I'd better grab a shower and get to filling in the trenches on the irrigation system like I've been meaning to do for... oh, days now? And not just half-done, either.

In car news, apparently customs stiffed us on one very essential checklist for the in-province inspection, and Canadian Tire refuses to touch it without. Again, Dad not pleased. After much phoning around, and in his words, 'new-asshole-chewing' (good god I'm glad my Dad doesn't know what I do on the internet), we're just waiting on a fax from the Registrar of Imported Vehicles and then I might be able to make use of my new heavenly-mileage baby.

I can't believe I'm still excited over the trunk space in that thing. Toss in some blankets and I swear I could sleep in it comfortably. Maybe not Jeff, but definitely me.

... okay, weird. I just tried to take the puppy out before my shower so she wouldn't bug Dad. She wouldn't go. No, I mean she wouldn't go out the door. This is the puppy that has been known to bolt if you don't put the leash on before you touch the knob, rain or shine, night or day. She sat down, refused, and when I took the collar off, went and laid down under the entryway bureau. That's a first.

I dunno, maybe she smells something. It is a little rank out there... downside of living down the road from a pig farm, but that's nothing new. Better than tar sands.

Shower, and then outside. Yay.


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