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No picture of the day today. Instead, I come bearing this:

The only words that come to mind are a rather geekily enthusiastic 'Hells yeaaaaaah!'

Complete with accompanying hand gestures.

And... okay, maybe 'Opening weekend, motherfucker', too.

There are crazy, crazy and scary things happening in the world. There are things that I have no control over, no power over, and sometimes all I am reduced to is hoping that things work out favorably for all. It makes me feel very small.

Which is why I like the escapism of these genres... and even though I've never lived in a place where I could participate, or never had the money to go to a con, or have had to put priority in trying to make my own life function, I love seeing things like these movies and stories start spilling out and playfully blurring the borders of reality. I love the illusion of fantasy and its escapism, and I love it when the illusion gets pushed a little further... because it makes me believe that such wonder just might... just might be out there, just beyond my reach.

I might turn the corner tomorrow and see it with my own eyes, a bit of magic.

Sometime believing in the possibility of that magic makes the world less scary, less terrifying. Sometimes it makes the world feel bigger and you feel small, but only so you can realize just how much real wonderment is out there, waiting for you... and things might work out okay.
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See, I only speak one language. I can swear in a few others, but I know that doesn't quite count. My French classes ended in sixth grade, and my Japanese is severely in need of review.

I stumbled upon this as I settled down after work, and I am fascinated. I don't have any familiarity with the opera of Carmen, save being able to recognize some of the more well-known melodies, and even less familiarity with Xhosa, but it's very well done.

.... and we just got to the first murder of the story, and wow. The entire thing took a slamming turn to the left, in colour palette and in tone, and this is really well done.

Plus, opera sung in Xhosa is stunningly interesting to the ear.

There's something I enjoy very much about seeing stories, operas, and plays being presented in new situations, times, and contexts. I'm trying to put it into words as to why, and I'm having a hell of a time. Stories that survive the transformation of generations, the shift of placement, language, and appearance... those that are re-told are usually done so for a reason.
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Note to self:


Stop watching the Tron Legacy trailers over and over on your iPod. Please. Stop. I mean, for pete’s sake, we only saw the first one last week. Seriously, stop. I don’t care that we are total and utter suckers for awesome special effects, and death-by-bass soundtracks/trailer music, and yes, Jeff Bridges is made of awesome . Fine. It’s beyond shiny. Now put it down. Put it down. Stop watching them. Stop. Sto-… you’re not even listening to me, are you?

No. No. Cut it out. No puppy eyes. We’re a grown woman. No puppy eyes. Stop that. No. We’re a professional goddamned adult with a mortgage, a job, taxes, responsibilities... we-we’ve got… we’re….

… okay, fine. One more time. Just one.

Yeah, I hope it has Bit in it, too.

Okay, are we done? We’re done. Put it down now. See? That wasn’t s-OH MY GOD DAFT PUNK IS COMPOSING THE SOUNDTRACK. WHAT. KIDDING. GIVE IT BACK. MUST. PLEASE. WANT. PLEASE.


In other news, I am back from my vacation. I was treated to many, many movies and TV series that were of shining entertainment quality (one of which should be obvious), fantastic food, and the best of company. I miss it already, and dearly so. I was sick with something evil that targeted my sinuses for most of the time, and it was still lovely and relaxing in ways that three legs of flying in either direction could not dampen. I love my girlfriend, and as for meeting her parents….

… let me just say that I was scolded into eating my dinner before it got cold as I was talking with them so damn much. Repeatedly. This is a good thing.

I’ve been arting/writing regularly for nearly three months. I’ve been falling behind on posting it all to [livejournal.com profile] virtuallykinked mainly because I was on vacation and prefer to scan things instead of photograph them… but I have witnesses, it is being done. I have ideas for paintings and projects and all sorts of customized My Little Pony delights (side note, look into black-light or glow-in-the-dark paint, as that is an idea that could be freaking cool and sellable)....

… and, well, I sorta haven’t unpacked yet, or even cleared off my bed enough to sleep on it. Just because.

Work is still good, and still in training for the most part. This is a job where each appointment could bring wildly varying situations or problems… and I think that I’ve set my bar in that I’m waiting for someone to come into my office and state that they want to go to school to become a Mythbuster. One of my coworkers has his bar set at someone wanting to be a ghost hunter or cryptozoologist. See, the crazy thing is, I think I already know what direction to send them in for that.

I found out a few weeks ago that there is a Dr. Sketchy’s chapter set up here, and there is a session running this Friday night for $15. I think I may have to attend.

Further note to self, must make a list of all the aforementioned movies/shows… just to keep some kind of running record or tally.

Come on, brain. Back to work.


Further note to self, re: Chaos Ink.

Take a page from Mythbusters, as it were… Mythbusters and Superman. What is in a (normal) tattoo that could react positively or negatively to a change in environment/world? Metal? Magnetic fields? Like metal in a microwave, or oil/minerals in water. Scrub the world is it is now, consider Amy on her own.

District 9

Aug. 29th, 2009 11:50 pm
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Okay, first and foremost, lemme get the formalities out of the way. I am officially removing Transformers 2 from my list of summer movies. Never no mind that I've already seen it at this point, it's off the damn list. It's now over in the pile of 'stuff I saw once', sitting only slightly higher than The Mummy - Tomb of the Dragon Emperor.

Very slightly. Just a hair... a hair labeled 'maybe once more, but only when I'm really drunk'. God but that was bad.

District 9 is now on the list, and I snuck out to see it by myself just now in victory of passing my driving re-test.

And now I don't really know how to go forward talking about it. I'm avoiding spoilers, but I feel like I should just write a multiple choice test and throw a dart at the answers.

District 9 is ______.
a) Hardcore science fiction done in mockumentary style that makes Cloverfield and Quarantine shrivel and die like slugs in the searing light of the hot sun.
b) Uncomfortably sharp critical commentary on the hypocrisy and cruelty of human civilization.
c) An extremely skilled piece of filmmaking that yanks its genre's bar back up to levels not seen in fifteen years.
d) Possibly the cause for my current state of queasy stomach by either content or motion sickness.
e) Serious Oscar material for sound editing, performance, special effects, editing, makeup, and more.
f) Not my usual cup of tea for the fact that it is about as far from escapism as a film can goddamn get.
g) Fucking awesome.
h) A rated R science fiction movie completely lacking in compromise and pulled punches, and it's about bloody time.
i) All of the above.

See? I don't even know if I can pick 'All of the above'. I've got this category in my head, of movies and other works that I deeply respect for their accomplishments and messages, for their technical achievements and performances, but I will never, ever watch again. For example, I have on my shelf the entire series of Over There. I watched all but two episodes with my family as they aired a few years ago, and I really, really enjoyed them. It was one of the least political and most humanizing depictions of war and soldiers that I've ever seen, and I was deeply disappointed that it only had a single season.

Maybe in a few years I might be able to watch the series again, if ever.

Realistic war is a squick of mine, and a severe one. Not for matters of gore, but for matters of conviction, inhumanity, and the devaluing of all levels of life. Movies, music, television, and storytelling... I go for escapism. I go for fantasy. I go to be reminded that human imagination is the most magnificent and vastly inspirational thing in the world, and some stories are lucky enough to be realized at that scale, and shared.

Now, that said... District 9 really is all of the above, including 'fucking awesome'. It's original science fiction of the kind that rarely gets to be seen this competently and magnificently adapted. It's like a short story that you read in an anthology years ago. It's seamless in the way it slides between documentary and action and back, showcasing a place on earth that would be alien except for its terrifying symmetry to actual events. The more you see these things done to the CGI alien characters, the louder that little voice in the back of your head starts asking, 'This movie doesn't mean to say that they did this to other people, other human beings... does it? Did they?'

If or when I find myself teaching pop culture as a critical art form, or science fiction as a necessary representation of contemporary culture, morals, and philosophy, it would be on the list in a heartbeat. I recommend it heartily, I just recommend it with heavy, heavy warning.

Anyhoo. Tired. Last weekend on my own here before roommates start trickling in. Going to fall asleep to the babble of, ironically, heavily tv-censored Starship Troopers. Good night, moon. Good night, cats. Good night, Herr NPH.


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